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Litigation Practice in Portland, Maine

Having the right knowledge of the law is important when involved in a dispute, so utilize our litigation practice from our office in Portland, Maine, to ensure you are properly represented in court.

Litigation and Appeals

Chadbourne Law Offices, P.A., has represented individuals in a wide array of disputes, including those involving real estate, contested family law matters, securities law, product liability, breach of contract and many others. Ms. Chadbourne's litigation practice, including her appellate work, is tailored to the needs of each client.

Scale of Justice, Litigation Practice in Portland, ME

She has extensive experience with litigation and appeals; her attention to detail is a crucial aspect of her success in the litigation and appellate arena, as adherence to specific appellate procedural rules and filing deadlines are essential steps that cannot be overlooked or taken lightly for risk of dismissal before a case is even heard.

Court proceedings are governed by specialized rules of civil procedure and evidence, the application of which may be just as essential to a person's success as the applicable statute, regulation, or precedent. Knowledge of the applicable law and of the type of evidence necessary to support a position must be accompanied by a clear understanding as to how to discover that evidence before trial and to obtain its admission at trial. Ms. Chadbourne understands that when evaluating litigation as an option, a client is best served at the outset by considering the evidence that is likely to be admitted at trial.

Business Litigation

Ms. Chadbourne is experienced in representing and advising business clients who are or might become involved in a lawsuit because of a dispute. Her areas of business litigation expertise include contract disputes, shareholder disputes, general business disputes, breaches of fiduciary duties, fraud, corporate dissolution, and a variety of other general business matters, as well as litigation prevention and settlement.

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